Massive property damage – high-tech bus crashed into three parked cars


In the middle of the Wörthersee municipality of Pörtschach (Carinthia), an ultra-modern bus literally became “independent” on Wednesday. The self-driving bus crashed into several cars, causing massive damage.

State-of-the-art and an attraction for many tourists: the self-driving bus that has been driving around in Pörtschach for years. But on Wednesday there was a serious incident with the vehicle.

Shortly before 4:30 p.m., the driver of the self-driving bus switched off the automatic steering to manually steer the vehicle. “When he started using the bus again, it was out of control and without braking it drove into three parked vehicles near the station,” police said.

Man-made driving error
According to the operator SURAAA (Smart Urban Region Austria Alps Adriatic), there were no passengers on board during the incident. “The responsible driver on board is an experienced and well-trained operator who wanted to send the vehicle there to the garage to park there daily after driving,” explains Walter Prutej of SURAAA: “Unfortunately, there was a man-made error, the vehicle oversteered, damaging parked cars. Fortunately, no one was involved in this incident and there was never any danger to people in the area.”

According to the company, the bus is temporarily out of service. A thorough analysis of how the accident happened should be made so that: “An incident like this cannot happen again in the future!”

According to the police, there was massive property damage to the damaged cars.

Source: Krone


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