Poison damages potency – supermarket spider dangerous especially for men


After a supermarket in Krems an der Donau (Lower Austria) had to be closed on Tuesday due to a spider sighting, the search for the animal is still ongoing. However, it is currently assumed that the supermarket will be open again next week. But especially men should beware of the creeping animal…

Extensive cleaning and disinfection measures were performed after the spider observation. In addition, all fresh food is sorted. Yet there is still no trace of the creeping animal. That’s what the authorities say Authorities: “Despite an extensive search, no spider has been found to date.”

Spider venom as a sexual enhancer?
By the way, Viagra may have competition from an unlikely source… The bite of a banana spider leads to severe pain, dangerously high blood pressure and long-lasting, painful erections in men. In some cases, the bite is even fatal. In addition, the ingestion of spider venom can lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the poison is probably rather unsuitable as a new sexual enhancer.

Spider found in banana box
The store manager spotted an “unidentifiable spider” on Tuesday before opening a banana box. According to the fire service, the animal was described by the employee as about ten centimeters in size and black with red. Therefore, it was assumed that it was a banana spider.

Supermarket opens again
However, when the fire brigade arrived, the animal was gone. The store is temporarily closed for security reasons.

Source: Krone


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