Increasingly strict censorship – must believe war lies: Moscow blocks VPN


To access social networks or news sites blocked by the Kremlin, Russians have until now relied on virtual private networks (VPN). This way they could keep abreast of state repression or the war of aggression against Ukraine. Now the government even wants to put a stop to that.

According to the British secret services, the Russian authorities have recently taken a lot harder action against the use of virtual private networks (VPN). Such secure network connections provide access to objective information.

“VPNs represent probably the biggest vulnerability in the Russian state’s attempts to ubiquitously monitor domestic information,” the UK Ministry of Defense wrote in its daily update on Thursday.

Illegal since 2017
Although VPNs have been illegal in Russia since 2017, they are still very popular, it said in London. But now many of the best-known connections are useless, the ministry quoted media reports.

“In addition to increasing technical failures, the Russian state has also launched a public campaign to entice citizens to avoid VPNs by claiming that their personal information is at risk.”

Independent Russian news sites such as Meduza have now published their own user guides. This clearly explains what you can do in the event of a VPN block.

Source: Krone


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