Danger lurks everywhere – 15,000 aerial bombs lie idle in Austria


World War II has been over for nearly 80 years, but its explosive legacy still lingers in our Earth. Another 15,000 aerial bombs could be buried in Austria. A few days ago, an American bomb ruptured a deep crater in a mountain meadow in Tyrol. Danger lurks everywhere. The “crown” explains.

250 kg weight. 120 kilograms of military explosives TNT. An explosion speed of 6000-7000 meters per second. During World War II, aerial bombs brought death from the air and 80 years later they have lost none of their dangerousness. Just a few days ago, an American bomb exploded with a long-lasting detonator in the Tyrolean Brenner municipality of Vals – and ruptured a 10-meter-wide and three-meter-deep crater in an idyllic mountain meadow!

Source: Krone


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