Garrisons Inspected – Shoigu visits Russian troops in the Arctic


Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has visited troops stationed in the Arctic. As his ministry announced on Saturday in the Telegram online service, Shoigu inspected “remote garrisons of the Northern Fleet in the Arctic” and was shown defense exercises in the area important to Moscow.

Together with the head of the Russian state operator Rosatom, the minister also visited a test site for nuclear weapons.

Arctic bases restored
Russia built up its military potential in the Arctic in the years leading up to the war in Ukraine. The bases that had been abandoned since Soviet times were restored and state-of-the-art weapons such as S-400 anti-aircraft systems were deployed.

In addition to the large hydrocarbon deposits, the region is also of interest to Moscow as a northeastern gateway between Asia and Europe.

Source: Krone


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