Truck caught fire – accident on A1 in Lower Austria: blowout as trigger


An accident with an animal transport truck on the Westautobahn (A1) in the district of Amstetten (Lower Austria) on Sunday, including hours of closure, is due to a burst tire. The 58-year-old driver had lost control of the wheel at Haag. The vehicle flipped over and caught fire.

Shortly before 8:30 p.m., the right front tire of the truck burst on its way to Vienna. The transport vehicle, in which there were no animals, remained on the left side transverse to the direction of travel and immediately caught fire. Other road users freed the two trapped occupants and provided first aid. The duo was transported to the Amstetten State Hospital. The emergency medical helicopter “Christophorus 15” was also deployed. The truck was completely burnt out.

Accident site closed for hours
The highway remained close to the accident until 1:30 a.m. According to Notruf Niederösterreich, the rescue operation involved two rescue vehicles, a helicopter and an emergency doctor’s vehicle. The Hague, St. Valentin and Amstetten fire brigades were also alerted. The transporter was recovered with a crane.

Source: Krone


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