Trial in Feldkirch – VUT on criminal roads


Trial in Feldkirch – VUT on criminal roads

Serious fraud and false testimony – an Unterländer (Vorarlberg) now has to pay a fine of no less than 3000 euros for these violations. He had ordered several products online, but did not want to pay the bill.

Leg amputated and in a wheelchair, early retirement, care level six and dependent on care. From this point of view, fate played the 60-year-old badly. It is entirely his fault that the man now also has to answer for himself in court.

The disabled pensioner from the Dornbirn region is accused of serious fraud and false evidence. According to the public prosecutor, he ordered goods online several times, then received them from the courier and later complained to the postal service and retailers that he had not received the orders at all.

In concrete terms, it concerns two rip-offs that the Unterlander is accused of. For example, he had ordered a laptop via the internet and later a coffee machine with a total value of more than five thousand euros. But he didn’t want to pay for it. Because when the goods arrived, he took them out of the box and simply claimed that the boxes had been ripped open and filled with stones. He repeated this during his police interrogation. The parcel deliverer contradicts this. And so the alleged victim eventually becomes a suspect.

Gross fraud and false evidence
When asked about the allegations made by Judge Lisa Pfeifer at the trial in the LG Feldkirch, the defendant stated that he had no recollection of the crimes due to meningitis. After there had always been suspicions against the suspect, the public prosecutor decided not to seek an expert opinion, according to the public prosecutor. Frau Rat found him guilty of serious fraud and false testimony and fined him 3,000 euros. Closing words of the previously convicted person: “Yes, I accept the verdict. I screwed up and now I just want to be left alone.”

Source: Krone


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