Imprisonment for Son – Rescue Operation in Court: Mother Passed Out!


This is the fate: After a trial for violent theft, a mother collapses in court. The sentences of her son and the other accused are severe.

Last November, two young men (21 and 28) choked and beat an acquaintance with whom they had partied in Kufstein before. They robbed him, ripped the Rolex off his arm, and left him unconscious.

The suspects say that one had an argument with the victim and the other stole from him. The court does not believe them and finds them legally not guilty of violent theft, embezzlement of documents and alienation of non-cash means of payment.

Long prison terms follow: four and a half years for the 21-year-old, six years for the 28-year-old. They could have gotten 15 years.

Mother passed out
The accused and their families who attended the courtroom burst into tears. The 21-year-old’s mother wants to hug her son – and suddenly falls backwards! Her family can break the fall and prevent her from hitting her head hard.

After a short while she regains consciousness and is hugged by her crying children. The arriving paramedics take care of the woman.

Source: Krone


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