Perpetrators still unknown – bomb threat in Hall: ‘Luckily no panic’


A threat to the state hospital in Hall caused a large number of police officers on Friday evening – reported the “Tiroler Krone”. Although the police were inconspicuous at first, it was later revealed that an anonymous caller had claimed that a bomb was in the building.

At 6:30 pm the phone rang at the police station in Hall. On the other side was a person who threatened that a bomb was hidden in the hospital. 40 police officers and sniffer dogs immediately set off. The building was sealed off and roadblocks were erected nearby. However, no evacuation has taken place. Medical emergencies had to be diverted to Schwaz and Innsbruck.

At 10:15 pm there was a big sigh of relief: no explosives were found, so the blockade was lifted.

‘In this case, the threat was immediately taken seriously’
The investigation was still ongoing the next day. “It is still unclear who the caller is,” said police spokesman Stefan Eder. The wording of the threat and whether the call came from a cell phone or a pay phone is still being kept quiet by the director.

But is such a threat immediately taken seriously? “Experts determine that and then take the next steps. In this case, the threat was immediately taken seriously. However, an evacuation was not deemed necessary,” emphasizes the police spokesman.

“Most People Didn’t Even Know It”
If the perpetrator is found, “there is a risk of up to three years in prison because it is a serious threat,” said Hansjörg Mayr, spokesman for the Innsbruck prosecutor’s office. What was the situation like in the hospital? “Fortunately there was no panic”, says Johannes Schwamberger of the Tiroler Kliniken. “Most didn’t even notice and our staff is trained for exceptional situations.”

He can’t remember ever having such a threat.

Source: Krone


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