Refuge in the Vienna Woods – The Dangerous Escape from Bombing Hell


More than 200 refugees from Ukraine have found shelter at the “Vienna Forest Campus”. The “Krone” spoke to the local people about their experiences.

When she thinks back to the past few weeks, she catches her breath. She fights for tears, struggles for words. The moments of horror are too ubiquitous in her memory. Katharina came to Lower Austria from the war zone. When the missiles hit her hometown in Ukraine, she flees into the depths of her basement with her one-year-old daughter. But when food becomes scarce, the young mother decides to flee.

Dangerous Escape
I would go abroad by train. The crowd crowds at the train station and she lets her daughter over the heads of complete strangers. The most important thing is that the child is safe. Fortunately, she also catches the train. Four people share a seat. It doesn’t matter, because it’s the way to a new life. Her husband remains behind in the war zone.

Received many donations
When the bombs fell, work also began for the association “Initiative Soziales Österreich”. Within 48 hours, volunteers gathered around Chairman Reinhard Fellner to help people who had fled. At the “Vienna Forest Campus” in Unterdambach in the St. Pölten district, a former blind house was made available and furniture and clothing were organized. More than 200 people have now found shelter here.

Source: Krone


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