Landslide looming – These families have been without a home for weeks


Landslide looming – These families have been without a home for weeks

Since August 5, five single-family homes in Terpetzen have been vacant. The slope above is full of cracks and threatens to slide.

“People’s lives come first, we are all happy that nothing more happened in the hours that the water came,” says Franz Morwei (58). There is damage to the houses due to the mud that the Grenzgrabenbach brought with it: “It was bad, but not that bad.” Franz Morwei, like four other families, has not been allowed to return to his beautiful home for three weeks. “We stayed with my daughter and my mother. That will probably work for a while.”

The slope above the houses is full of cracks. “There is danger, so there are always experts on site,” says Mayor Markus Lakounigg. It is a fact, emphasizes firefighter and neighbor Johannes Lassnig, who runs a tavern down the road: “Something is constantly changing. The debris masses could fall down.” Protective walls were excavated under the slope in the presence of the experts: “But the fact is that no one is allowed up the slope, that is much too dangerous,” says Lassnig. And so his neighbors haven’t had a home for three weeks.

As it looks now, the residents will not be allowed to return to their homes for a long time. Jakob Christof (67) lives with his wife, son and grandson in Terpetzen. “We have lived in this house for 59 years. I can remember minor issues with the creek, but not such threatening incidents.” No one is allowed to return until the danger has been averted. Christof: “That would be too dangerous. We stay with family and friends. As long as it lasts, it will last. We can get along for a while.” In the meantime, even blowing up the ramp is being considered.

Source: Krone


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