Stones on police officers – uproar by football fans in the Upper Austria derby area


There was an unpleasant incident at the OÖ derby Ried against LASK outside the stadium. Fans arriving by train threw rocks at police officers who wanted to check one of the passengers for allegedly pulling the emergency brake. A police car was damaged, but no one was injured.

About 100 football fans sat on a regional train just outside Rieder station on Saturday. Most were on their way to the Bundesliga football match at the Riederstadion. When some of the fans on the railway embankment saw a group of about 40 supporters of the opposing team, a stranger pressed the emergency brake. Most of the occupants left the train immediately afterward – a massive brawl ensued between the two enemy fan groups.

Fist-sized granite stones on police officers
Two police officers from the Ried Police Inspectorate were the first to arrive at the crime scene. They tried to stop one of the train passengers for identity verification. As a result, granite stones that lay on the railway embankment were thrown at them by several previously unknown companions of the man.

In order not to be hit by the granite stones, some of which were the size of a fist, the police officers had to stop the official act and take cover behind their emergency vehicle. The rescue vehicle itself was badly damaged by the stones.

Twelve pepper spray cartridges
Other police officers who came to help saw a 49-year-old man holding a granite stone. Because he did not heed the request to put the stone away, but walked in the direction of the officers, they had to defend themselves with pepper spray. The man was immediately put under medical treatment and stated during questioning that he had not suffered any physical damage.

In the railway embankment, a total of eleven pepper spray attacks were launched against football fans after they threw granite stones at the police. It is thanks to a fortunate circumstance that no police officers were injured.

Source: Krone


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