Just above Vienna – “Cursed” flight? Problems with AUA-Jet again


On Sunday, flight OS87 from Vienna to New York had to be canceled shortly after takeoff due to a bird strike. Three days later the same duel again: instead of going to New York, flight OS87 went back to Vienna shortly after takeoff on Wednesday evening.

Curious coincidence about Vienna: Just a few days after an Austrian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER had to return shortly after take-off in Schwechat due to a bird strike, one of the airline’s planes reported problems again.

Again OS87 to New York
The exact same flight – OS87 to New York – was hit Wednesday evening, but this time with a different Boeing 767-300.

After several waiting patterns west and north of Vienna, the scheduled plane landed around 5:40 p.m. on Wednesday. A “Krone” request to Austrian Airlines is currently being processed.

Save time in the “holding”
The aircraft was sent to a so-called “holding”, a holding pattern over the Vienna Woods, very soon after takeoff. This again points to a bird strike or some other technical defect. In the “holding” the pilots have time to identify problems or prepare for the return landing.

Around 6:00 p.m. on the ground
The flight altitude and route show that this time the aircraft climbed higher than on Sunday after the bird strike. The aircraft landed on runway 34 in Vienna around 6:00 PM.

Source: Krone


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