Construction of 8 wind turbines – Next wind farm: Kelag plant on the Goldeck


The more of our energy needs are met from renewable sources, the greater our independence. In addition, if the expansion is successful, fines from the Paris Agreement can be avoided, as Carinthia can then meet its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 and 2055. Kelag is investigating wind energy sites throughout Carinthia.

The “Krone” leaked out during the initial negotiations for a planned wind farm on the Goldeck in the Berger Boden area. Kelag and an Upper Austrian wind farm company are currently negotiating easement agreements with the agricultural community “Nachbarschaft Hochegg”. That is why eight wind turbines must be built below the tree line. Mayor Hans Jörg Kerschbaumer of Stockenbois may not yet be involved in the plans: “I’m hearing about it for the first time!”

Source: Krone


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