Last minute with Luis Rubiales’ mother


Angeles Bejarthe mother of Luis Rubialestemporarily dismissed as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has been discharged this evening after being admitted a few hours before to the Santa Ana de Motril Hospital (Granada) due to various physical problems which was caused during the imprisonment and the hunger strike that lasted three days.

Rubiales’ mother left the emergency department of the hospital after 11:30 pm this Wednesday with her son and after responding satisfactorily to the treatment performed, which gave the patient an improvement in the clinical picture where he was admitted.

When Bejar was transferred to the Santa Ana de Motril hospital, he developed various ailments possibly caused by the chronic kidney disease he was suffering from and worsened by the three days he was confined and on hunger strike.

He developed a large swelling in his legs, which could be caused by fluid retention, vomiting, dizziness and agony, as well as severe physical discomfort that led the doctor to treat him at the church he supported the incarceration to recommend health transition. center where he was just discharged.

Source: La Verdad


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