CAF temporarily closes three warehouses at the Beasain factory after detecting asbestos contamination


The works council has indicated that the employees of warehouses 7, 8 and 9 (approximately 200 employees) will only come to work “in the coming days” after they have completed “a thorough cleaning of the three finishing warehouses”.

CAF temporarily closed three finishing warehouses at the Beasain factory to “deep clean” them after asbestos contamination was detected, as reported by the works council in a statement.

The committee has indicated that the Board informed it last Wednesday that on Thursday, August 24, the people who work in warehouse 8 of division 4 would not be able to go to work, since “after the asbestos removal carried out in that warehouse, the environmental measurements were incorrect and the asbestos content in the air was higher than legally permitted.”

On the same Thursday, the committee requested new measurements and additional measurements for two other ships from the company. In addition, he proposed “the cessation of activity until the health of all people can be ensured.”

As he explained, the committee insisted, and eventually management agreed, to conduct additional testing in warehouses 7 and 9, and to collect samples from six workers in warehouse 8 daily.

Finally, last Tuesday, the directorate informed the committee “that four of the six samples taken on August 28 from the employees in warehouse 8 have tested positive” and that the staff of that warehouse and of warehouses 7 and 9 are therefore not going to work “in the coming days” to “a thorough cleaning of the three finishing ships”.

On the other hand, the works council has denounced that it contacted Osalan and that he “downplayed” the events.

Source: EITB


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