Due to the Pirola variant, the first country is again imposing corona measures


Summer is coming to an end and the next wave of the pandemic pathogen is rolling in again. New variants are of concern to medical professionals – especially the BA.2.86, also called Pirola, because it can evade immunity via its mutations in the spike protein. For this reason, Israel has again taken the first corona measure.

Hospital admissions for respiratory diseases are also on the rise in this country – the variant EG.5 (Eris) is responsible for the recent flare-up of infections in Austria. Internationally, the omicron subvariant BA.2.86 (Pirola) is emerging, which we have not yet discovered.

Pirola for WHO “variant under observation”
So far there have been only a few cases of Pirola in industrialized countries, the variant has been detected in Denmark, the US, Israel and Great Britain. It is still unclear how dangerous the omicron subtype actually is – but it is certain that Pirola is much more mutated than other variants and therefore poses a risk. The World Health Organization (WHO) has therefore classified it as one of seven ‘varieties under observation’.

The number of serious cures alarms the Israeli Ministry of Health
Israel has now responded to the increasing Pirola cases and has reintroduced a corona rule. From now on, all new patients in hospital internal medicine departments must undergo a PCR test. An average of 136 new cases per day were reported last week, compared to just 104 the week before, according to Israeli media. The Israeli Ministry of Health is concerned about the high number of serious cases.

Pirola was first detected in Denmark in July. The variant has at least as many mutations as omicron. It has more than 30 mutations in the spike protein that allow it to evade immune protection against previous infections or vaccinations, which is what makes the variant so dangerous.

Expert: “After a quiet summer, it’s starting again
But there is also good news: just like the Eris variant that is dominant in this country, Pirola is not expected to see heavy prices like at the start of the pandemic. Complexity researcher Peter Klimek also considers extreme hospital burden in Austria unlikely: “When it comes to the damage that the virus can cause, the situation today can no longer be compared to the situation in 2020 and 2021.” they are currently in a phase “where we see clear waves of contamination every few months. After a quiet summer, things are picking up again.”

Source: Krone


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