The OCU denounces that the price of olive oil is “skyrocketing” and calls for immediate inspections


According to the Organization of Consumers and Users, price increases in some cases exceed 30% and a liter “easily” reaches 10 euros. He also criticizes that the price of EVOO in Spain is “far” higher than that in neighboring countries such as Italy, France and Portugal.

The Organization of consumers and users (OCU) has denounced that the Olive oil prices skyrocket and within the reach of “a few”, while the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) was asked to implement this “immediate inspections” to ensure control over the olive oil production chain “to prevent abuse and speculation that might occur”.

“The purpose of this control is to prevent abuse and avoid any speculation that has such negative consequences for both consumers and farmers,” the OCU stressed.

Specifically, the OCU warned in a press release that the price of extra virgin olive oil, known as EVOO, has increased by 15.4% since the first half of July (in some cases even more than 30%) and that a liter “easily” is 10 euros. .

He also explained that these are not based on ‘impressions’ as the OCU carried out a price survey of ten supermarket chains, comparing the costs of 19 brands of extra virgin olive oil at the start of July with those of the previous month. end of August; The price increase was widespread and affected almost all brands in all chains analyzed.

Moreover, he has reported that the price of EVOO in Spain is “far” higher than that in neighboring countries such as Italy, France and Portugal. According to the organization, the average price of white label EVOO in Spain is 6% more expensive than in Italy, 16% higher than in France and 27% higher than in Portugal.

The organization considers it “inexplicable” that Spain, as the largest producer of olive oil in the world, currently has prices for premium oil that are “significantly higher” than those of neighboring countries.

Source: EITB


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