Mother and grandmother on the back – Tyrol: Pram with girl (2) fell into the stream


Devastating incident late Thursday afternoon in Telfs in the Tyrolean district of Innsbruck-Land: a stroller carrying a two-year-old girl rolled away and fell into a stream. Both the mother and grandmother jumped after them. The former suffered serious injuries. The child was unharmed.

A brief moment of inattention – and it happened: shortly before 6 p.m., the 73-year-old local resident pushed the stroller with her almost two-year-old granddaughter on a hiking trail in Telfs.

“When the woman let go of the stroller to throw something in a trash can, the stroller suddenly rolled over an embankment into the Griesbach, where it fell over,” the police said.

Mother and grandmother rescue child from water
Both the grandmother and the 35-year-old mother immediately jumped into the stream and rescued the child from the water. Fortunately, the child survived the accident unharmed. Unlike his mother, “She suffered a serious injury to her leg,” investigators continued.

The woman was rescued by the fire brigade and taken to hospital by ambulance after receiving first aid. The 73-year-old grandmother was unharmed.

Source: Krone


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