Family needs help – father of four Markus (41) died after aortic rupture


The young father from Upper Austria survived a heart attack at work, but then developed double pneumonia in intensive care when he seemed to be feeling better again. The doctors could no longer help Markus. The grieving widow (42) is now alone with four small children. Readers of “Krone” can donate to the family and help.

November 30, 2023 started as a normal weekday for family man Markus. The 41-year-old from the Steyr-Land district got up early and had breakfast with his wife Chie (42) and their four children Wolfgang (10), Leonhard (8), Klara (6) and Elisabeth (3). He was in good spirits and had no complaints. He then drove to his workplace in Steyr.

No longer available by telephone
“From there he wrote me a WhatsApp message,” says Chie, who suddenly received a Facebook Messenger message from one of his colleagues. He asked her to report to the company urgently. “I wanted to ask Markus about it, but he didn’t answer,” Chie said.

Collapse in the company
She was told the reason by his boss: her husband had collapsed at the company and was flown to the KUK in Linz. Diagnosis: Heart attack due to a tear in the aorta (main artery).

“That was a terrible shock for us,” Chie emphasizes. The 41-year-old could only be kept alive for the time being thanks to emergency operations and a cardiovascular machine. But his heart was permanently damaged. Markus lay in a deep sleep for weeks. Chie and the children feared for him and hoped for a miracle.

At first there was hope
At the end of December he could actually be woken up. Fortunately, his brain suffered no damage. “Markus fought to come back to life and be able to see our children again.”

He managed to eat and sit again. But it was clear he needed a replacement heart. Chie visited him in the intensive care unit almost every day. For Markus it was always the best when she was with him.

She had already lost her mother
Only a few months earlier he had lost his mother Angela (64, blood poisoning). And his brother Stefan (35) was suddenly alone with two children after his wife Birgit died of cancer (the ‘Krone’ reported).

Blows of fate that took their toll on the caring family man Markus. Chie was his spiritual support and great love; he met the Japanese native in 2009 and married her in 2011.

“Grateful for the time together”
On February 3, Markus developed bilateral pneumonia. The liver and kidney values ​​suddenly deteriorated so catastrophically that the 41-year-old had to realize that his life was now coming to an end.

Chie: “I was able to assure him once again of my love, how grateful I am for the wonderful time we had together and that I will take good care of our children.” On February 9, just three days before his 42nd birthday, Markus closed his eyes for good.

Dear readers, if you would like to help the family, please donate at Password “Dad” on our special Krone account.
IBAN: AT76 5400 0000 0040 0002

The donations are tax-deductible!

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