Trump fans lick blood – US elections: Biden becomes a problem for Biden


Trump fans lick blood – US elections: Biden becomes a problem for Biden

The US president’s son is indicted. Trump fans lick blood. But the problem for Joe Biden is different.

“My son has done nothing wrong and I am proud of him.” The most powerful man in the world doesn’t let his scandal-prone son Hunter get involved. Joe Biden repeatedly emphasizes that he trusts his son and that he has never been influenced by his company and especially by his foreign business partners. But Donald Trump and his MAGA allies in the Republican Party have identified Hunter as the president’s Achilles heel on his path to re-election. And political observers also believe that the 53-year-old’s various scandals could prove decisive in next year’s election campaign.

So far no evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement
Back in 2019, Trump had unleashed his political bloodhound Rudy Giuliani and targeted Hunter Biden’s allegedly corrupt machinations in Ukraine. The real target was Joe Biden, who had just declared his candidacy. The facts that emerged at the time can be briefly summarized as follows: Hunter was a drug addict for years, had abandoned his family and raised millions of dollars as a consultant from foreign companies in Ukraine – just because his last name was Biden.

However, despite dozens of Republican investigative committees, it has not yet been proven that his father was involved or even exerted influence in favor of his son as vice president under Barack Obama. Instead, Trump’s pressure on the Ukrainian government (via the so-called “perfect call” with Volodymyr Zelensky) to impeach its most dangerous competitor led to his first impeachment trial. Biden remained calm, dismissed the accusations against Hunter as Russian propaganda and was elected to the White House a few months later.

Who’s behind ‘Big Guy’?
Still, Republicans seem convinced that Hunter will be the key to a Donald Trump victory over Joe Biden in 2024. Hardly a week goes by in the House of Representatives without James Comer, the powerful chairman of the House Oversight Committee, introducing new calls witnesses against the ‘Biden crime family’. Ex-tax investigators and FBI informants have uncovered millions in payments to Hunter, his uncle James and even Hailie Biden (his brother Beau’s widow).

In addition, emails from Hunter mention the ‘Big Guy’ who was entitled to a share. Since then, every Republican on Fox News and other conservative media has been praying that this means Joe Biden as an inviolable truth. Joe Biden denies this, and his supporters point out that allegations of criminal corruption against any Biden have so far been non-existent.

Biden’s problem: the undecided
Nevertheless, political observers take it as a fact that the MAGA machine’s increasingly harsh political bombardment of Hunter Biden is having an effect. The president is in the line of fire. According to the latest CNN poll, 61 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden was involved in his son’s affairs – despite protests to the contrary. And 42 percent are certain that the president has acted illegally.

The most concerning figure for the Biden team is another. 52 percent of all independent American voters believe Biden blocked the Justice Department’s criminal investigation into his son. He is accused of, among other things, making false statements when purchasing his gun and evading taxes (see video above).

Why these voters are Biden’s biggest problem: They will again decide the presidency in 2024 in states such as Michigan, Georgia and Arizona. It could be enough to see Biden’s actions as unethical. In other words, the “independents” could turn up their noses, support Donald Trump and give him a second term.

Christian Thiele, US Correspondent

Source: Krone


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