Voters stick with him: Aiwanger is high in the polls despite the leaflet affair


The opposition parties wanted to force him to resign from the Bavarian government because of the anti-Semitic pamphlet affair in his youth. But Hubert Aiwanger probably survived the scandal unscathed. In fact, Aiwanger and his Free Voters have never done better in voter approval than they are now.

In a survey commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Free Voters came to 17 percent. In the last BR survey in May, they even rose by five percentage points. At the same time, Prime Minister Markus Söder’s CSU lost three percentage points. Currently, this 36 percent is still a comfortable lead over its coalition partner.

Two weeks ago, Aiwanger initially denied in writing that he had written an anti-Semitic leaflet at school, which was reported in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. At the same time, he admitted that “one or a few copies” had been found in his school bag. Shortly afterwards his brother declared himself the author of the pamphlet.

Aiwanger’s apology and counterattack
As a result, more and more accusations were made about Aiwanger’s behavior at the time. After a few days he publicly apologized, but at the same time counterattacked and complained about a political campaign against him. But Prime Minister Söder remains with him: a dismissal would not be proportionate, the head of government explained last week. The Greens and the SPD failed during a special session in the state parliament with their request to dismiss the deputy prime minister. On Thursday, 19 MPs voted in favor of the motion in the interim committee, 32 against.

Source: Krone


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