At Kronehit – Earn money quickly by listening to the radio


Kronehit is once again advertising the coolest part-time job in the world. Here we have summarized for you what makes it so exciting and unique and what hourly wage you can expect.

Kronehit, Austria’s largest private radio, is not only known for the best music of the past decades, but also for countless cool events that excite the whole of Austria.

Now Austria’s largest private radio presents the coolest part-time job in the world. What is expected of the applicants? Turn up the volume of Kronehit and enjoy the most music. Whether you brush your teeth in the morning, on the way to work, while exercising or at the end of the day. The longer you listen, the better, because you can get 50 euros per hour.

Apply now
The application for the best part-time job in Austria has already started. You can register now at The only interview question you will be asked is: where and how long did you hear kronehit yesterday? With a bit of luck, the Kronehit moderators will call you and congratulate you on your new part-time job.

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