Spectacular accident – uncontrollable tractor “parks” on Mercedes


An accident that was anything but ordinary took place in the Vorarlberg market town of Lustenau on Friday afternoon. An out-of-control tractor left the road and ‘ran over’ several vehicles in a car company car park before ‘parking’ on top of a Mercedes.

Around 3:50 p.m., a 38-year-old was driving his tractor on the L203 from Lustenau towards Hohenems when, for reasons that are still unclear, the tractor suddenly developed a technical defect. The man then lost control of his six-ton, 160-horsepower vehicle.

Tractor comes to a stop on Mercedes
This caused the tractor to move further and further to the right before colliding with a total of six car company vehicles parked there at number 37. The Steyr agricultural machine eventually came to a stop with its front wheels on a silver Mercedes station wagon, the front of which was completely flat.

The breath test was negative
The accident seriously damaged the tractor and a total of six cars, but fortunately no one was injured. An alcohol test on the tractor driver was negative. The Lustenau fire brigade, together with other emergency services, was on site with ten Florianis to capture dilapidated assets.

Source: Krone


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