Forgot card – driver rudely threw disabled passenger off bus


Forgot card – driver rudely threw disabled passenger off bus

A bus driver in the Tyrolean district of Kufstein forcibly removed a 64-year-old multiply disabled person from his bus in the summer. The driver may now face consequences.

Hansjörg Moser travels regularly, often several times a week, by bus from his home in Brixlegg to Alpbach, where he visits his family. The 64-year-old, who has a physical and mental disability, also boarded a mailbox on July 22. But: “He forgot his annual pass at home that day,” his sister explains to the “Tiroler Krone”. Then the bus driver became violent. According to Moser, he grabbed him roughly by the shoulder and threw him out of the bus.

Equal treatment for all passengers
This is confirmed by ÖBB and Postbus spokesperson Christoph Gasser-Mair: “The passenger boarded the bus on the day in question and sat in an empty seat. When he was asked for the ticket, it could not be shown and unfortunately our driver kicked him off the bus.” And that was probably unnecessarily rude. “Afterwards, he can no longer understand why our employee acted like that,” says the spokesperson.

Moser’s family did not want to let this incident go unnoticed. That’s why niece Katharina Meixner filed a complaint with a coordinator at the Postbus headquarters in Brixlegg. He admitted it was unacceptable that the bus driver had become violent. According to Meixner, he also emphasized that passengers with disabilities would be treated no differently than anyone else.

Postbus spokesperson Gasser-Mair supports him: “According to the general transport guidelines, every passenger, without exception, must be in possession of a valid ticket.” However, the incident is regrettable. An illuminating conversation has now taken place between the family, the bus driver and the coordinator, in which they apologized. It is also being investigated whether there are legal consequences for the driver.

“Discrimination has still not disappeared”
That’s not what Moser’s family cares about. Rather, she is shocked that the bus driver was so rude to him. “This proves that discrimination against people with disabilities is far from over and is still a problem,” says Katharina Meixner.

To what extent the bus driver would have acted differently if a passenger without a disability had not had a ticket will probably never be known.

Source: Krone


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