Excitement in Russia – Pregnant woman refused military service: 6 years in prison


In Russia, a woman has been convicted for the first time for refusing military service during mobilization. The court did not consider her pregnancy to be a valid reason.

The Military Court of the Vladikavkaz Garrison in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania has found Petty Officer Madina Kabaloyeva guilty. The reason: she had avoided the mobilization. According to the Russian daily Kommersant, this is the first time that such a punishment has been imposed on a female soldier in Russia.

Kabaloyeva was therefore recommended for temporary release due to her pregnancy and because she is the mother of a small child. Because she did not appear at the military unit, criminal proceedings were initiated against her.

Confirmation wasn’t enough
According to the newspaper, the soldier admitted that she had not started the service. However, she was certain that information about her health situation had been provided to the authorities. She specifically received confirmation from her military unit’s medical company.

However, the military prosecutor pointed out that Kabaloeva did not complete her military service due to her pregnancy. She continues to receive appropriate benefits and is therefore still classified as a military member.

The prison sentence will be carried out later
The court reportedly agreed with this statement and sentenced the woman to six years in a penal colony. Because the soldier is pregnant and the mother of a small child, the execution of the prison sentence was postponed until 2032.

Source: Krone


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