How to protect Red Bull eaters from salmonella


Salmonella recently generated negative headlines in this country in connection with cheap meat from Poland – and one death. According to WHO figures, 2,000 people in Europe alone fall victim to the pathogens every year. A bacterium discovered in Vienna could now put an end to this. Find out here what this has to do with Red Bull and stinking flatulence.

Every year, approximately 600 million people worldwide become ill because they have consumed contaminated food. As many as 420,000 people die, of which almost 30 percent are children under the age of five. Food poisoning is more common, especially in countries where food producers, retailers and catering establishments do not have to adhere to such strict hygiene regulations, where there are insufficient cooling facilities for meat and dairy products and where cooling is not ensured consistently throughout the chain.

Source: Krone


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