Fraud victim says: – “I slept armed with a frying pan!”


The fake police officers probably thought the 74-year-old Styrian woman was easy prey. Because of her old age and because of her first name, which is somewhat out of fashion. But in the end no money flowed; instead the handcuffs clicked.

It was a cold, cloudy day in December of the previous year when Mrs. Hannelore’s landline rang. “The caller pretended to be police chief Alexander Precher,” she told “Steirerkrone” in an interview. There was an attack on a nearby doctor’s office. One Bulgarian is in custody, a second is on the run armed. “A robbery is also being planned against me because they have my bank details.”

Has the ATM been tampered with?
Coincidentally, the 74-year-old had problems with a transfer a few days earlier. “I thought maybe the ATM had been tampered with and that’s how they got my details.”

The fake police officer, who was assisted by a supposed psychologist during the phone call, advised the Styrian woman that she should withdraw her money from the bank and hand it over to the police. And that she must be careful when the armed perpetrator attacks her.

“Sleeping with a frying pan.”
“I went to bed with a frying pan,” the elderly person laughs. “I put a glass bottle on the door so that if someone broke in, I could hear it immediately. And I secured the window with a flower pot.” She slept well. “I have been a nurse for 44 years. Nothing upsets me so easily.”

“I thought to myself: that’s enough!”
But when her brother found out no attack had taken place, the 74-year-old was overwhelmed. “That was enough for me!” She went to the police and through teamwork, two fake police officers were arrested for handing over fake money. The duo were sentenced last week to prison terms, some of which lasted several years.

Source: Krone


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