Is the world tired yet? – This is how Zelenskyy benefited from the big UN crackdown


The president of Ukraine gave Putin the thumbs up and received great support at the UN. US President Biden warned the world on Tuesday: “If Russia wins, no one will be safe.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky received approval from the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday to defend himself against Russian aggression. Russia is not only attacking Ukraine militarily, but also using other instruments as weapons – “and these things are used not only against our country, but also against yours,” Zelensky said.

“Russia uses food prices as a weapon. The impacts extend from the Atlantic coast of Africa to Southeast Asia.” Energy is also used as a weapon to weaken the governments of other countries.

His passionate speech and plea for support were received with great applause. Last year, the President of Ukraine addressed the United Nations via video address. This time he participated personally. Russia’s representative, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, was not present. The UN General Assembly is Zelenskiy’s biggest stage, which he sees as an opportunity to convince skeptical countries of his course.

Too much focus on Zelensky?
In fact, the heads of state and government of many countries, especially in Latin America, Africa and Asia, would like greater attention to their problems and new cooperation on an equal footing between industrialized and developing countries. Many of them are in favor of peace in Ukraine. “We do not underestimate the difficulties in achieving peace. But no solution will last if it is not based on dialogue,” said Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. He recently said in an interview that the war in Ukraine is tiring humanity.

In his speech to Zelensky, US President Biden called on the international community to assist Ukraine for its own security, because “if Russia wins, no one will be safe anymore.” “The world must confront naked aggression today to deter potential aggressors tomorrow,” he said. Biden warned Kiev not to give in to fatigue. “Russia believes the world is getting tired of brutalizing Ukraine without consequences.”

Visit to hospital
Given the frustration over the war, observers assume that Zelensky will have to credibly explain in New York why he is refusing talks with the Russian government. On Wednesday he was able to meet Lavrov for the first time.

Zelensky arrived in New York on Monday. Immediately after arriving with his wife Olena Selenska, he visited a hospital in the Staten Island district where wounded Ukrainian soldiers are being treated (see video above).

Source: Krone


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