Strange accident – worker trapped in construction site toilet and injured


A strange accident occurred near a construction site in Söll, Tyrol, on Tuesday afternoon: a worker (44) from Carinthia was trapped and injured in a construction site toilet where he was sitting. Earlier, a vehicle had crashed into the back of a parked car, which in turn pushed a compressor into the home.

Shortly after 3 p.m., a 22-year-old Austrian was driving his truck on the B 178 towards Söll when, for unknown reasons, he veered off the right side of the road near a construction site and crashed into a car parked there.

“The hard impact then pushed the company car against a construction site piece of equipment parked in front of the car, which in turn was pushed against a construction site toilet located there,” police said.

Flown to hospital by emergency helicopter
The 44-year-old, who was currently in the toilet at the construction site, was trapped and had to be freed by alerted firefighters. The man was then flown by emergency helicopter to the district hospital in Kufstein. The truck driver suffered minor injuries in the accident and was also taken to hospital in Kufstein by the rescue team.

“There was significant damage to the vehicles involved and to the construction site equipment,” the director emphasizes. During the registration of the accident and the evacuation work, the B 178 had to be closed to other traffic in both directions.

Source: Krone


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