Dirty authorities game – Moscow: Deaf man ignorantly accepted conscription


A military court in Moscow has sentenced a 29-year-old deaf man to five years’ probation for leaving his unit without permission during mobilization. The man should not actually have been called up because, as he himself stated, he was cheated by officials because he could not understand them acoustically. On paper he ‘volunteered’ for the war.

“The employees (of the military authority, note) talked to each other, looked at me, asked something, but I didn’t understand anything,” Mekhrodzh Haidarov, who is from Tajikistan, told independent Russian news portal Mediazona.

“They laughed at me”
“I just smiled and nodded,” Haidarow continued. “It seems to me that they noticed that I didn’t understand anything and laughed at me.” He left the unit in the first month, writes the Telegram channel “Wojennye adwokaty”. The deaf man’s case is also available on the military court website.

“Eased circumstances”
In Russia, people in a penal colony are sentenced to five to ten years in prison for leaving the unit without permission during mobilization. In any case, the court accepted that he had two brothers with disabilities as “mitigating circumstances”. There was also a request for clemency from Haidarow’s unit.

According to the information, the 29-year-old has suffered from a hearing disorder since childhood. In October 2022 he was mobilized for war.

Routine checks with fatal consequences
This happened during an inspection by military authorities in the Russian city of Lyubertsy. According to reports, he was promised that all he had to do was sign a document and then he could leave. However, he didn’t know what it was about.

Source: Krone


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