Curious double robbery – victim praised: ‘I will never take that much money with me again’


Two robberies, 20,000 euros in loot, many unanswered questions and no trace of the perpetrators. Martin Baur’s story sounds incredible. The police investigation is ongoing.

Where is ‘Niko’? This question continues to preoccupy Salzburg researchers. As reported, a young person with this name introduced himself to 65-year-old Martin Baur this weekend. The German took pity on ‘Niko’, invited him for dinner and even let him spend the night in his hotel room.

The investigations are in full swing
The next day, the teenager brutally beat Baur and stole his wallet and 5,000 euros in cash. Almost unbelievable: half an hour earlier, a couple said they had stolen another 15,000 euros from the German, the ‘Krone’ reported. “The investigation is ongoing. We have conducted surveys. The facts are very confusing,” the police said.

Cash was scheduled for relocation
That’s putting it relatively mildly. Martin Baur’s statements sound incredible. According to his own statements, the German withdrew almost 20,000 euros from the Sparkasse near the central station on Thursday. Baur wants to move from Munich to Salzburg.

“I needed the money for that,” he says. He booked himself into a hotel nearby. On Friday, after a visit to the local bar, he finally met “Niko” and two other young people – and so the disaster began. “This ‘Niko’ was nice at first, but it has changed more and more,” says the Bavarian.

“Agreed deal”
He is sure that ‘Niko’ and the couple are in cahoots: ‘Both robberies were an agreed deal.’ However, the police cannot and do not want to confirm this at the moment.

Baur is currently still in his hotel room near the train station. He is recovering from his injuries, his arms are swollen and painful. One thing is certain for him: “From now on, I will be more careful and never carry so much cash again.” The 65-year-old has no fear. The Bavarian still wants to move to Salzburg. “I certainly won’t let that deter me. In Munich it is much, much worse.”

Source: Krone


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