Shunting station – “A mockery”: Graz buys earplugs for noise victims


The noise problem around the ÖBB shunting yard in the north of Graz is becoming an endless story. KFG club boss Alexis Pascuttini wanted to set up a noise fund for those affected, but the city resisted and bought them earplugs. “A mockery!” said the politician. He knows the numbers, how many have been spent so far.

The residents of the ÖBB shunting yard in Graz-Gösting have been plagued by deafening screeching for years – and there is still no end to the torment in sight. The Graz City Council therefore decided in January to establish a noise protection fund, but the city of Graz absolutely did not want to implement this. Instead, free earplugs were ordered for those affected.

This sounds like a belated April Fool’s joke, but it is not: “The disposable earplugs will be delivered by post after an online or telephone request,” KPÖ mayor Elke Kahr confirms to KFG club boss Alexis Pascuttini in response to his request. And did the noise-ridden Göstingers actually take advantage of the strange offer?

“A cheap joke”
Yes, the municipal secretary confirms, at the beginning of October 69 people had ordered 260 pairs of disposable plugs. A ‘mockery’ to Pascuttini’s ears: “These are the cheapest disposable earplugs at 25 cents per pair! This approach by the city is a slap in the face to all people who suffer from the persistent shunting noise and often have physical and psychological complaints. They are fobbed off with cheap jokes!”

Source: Krone


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