D: Thieves stole a 500 kg statue


Thieves have stolen a bronze statue of about 500 kilograms from the German sculptor Heribert Cleren (1924 to 2017) in Solingen. “It would have taken 12 to 15 people to carry them away,” it says. A reward of 7,000 euros was offered for the replacement of the statue.

The statue was a fountain created in 1980, said engineer Alexander Pinior, who spent several months restoring the bronze statue.

Value is up to 4000 euros
This one disappeared from the driveway of his workshop last weekend. “It took 12 to 15 people to carry them away.” The statue is over three meters high and almost one and a half meters wide. Pinior assumes that the pure metal value of the bronze is between 3,000 and 4,000 euros. The “fountain” was to be built in Cologne on Eupener Strasse.

Source: Krone


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