Vaccination obligation ignored – 1.2 million Italians have to pay a fine of 100 euros


In Italy, 1.2 million people who had not been vaccinated against Corona received a ticket. Therefore, they have to pay a fine of 100 euros. According to the health ministry in Rome, another 600,000 tickets will be sent to unvaccinated people in the coming days.

In Italy, vaccinations have been mandatory for all Italians over the age of 50 since mid-February until June 15. Vaccination is also mandatory for health workers in our southern neighboring country until the end of the year.

Panne: punishment order also sent to the dead
According to reports, there were several calls from people who received the fine despite being vaccinated: in these cases, they have ten days to present proof of vaccination. It was criticized that the deceased were also sent traffic fines.

About 19.5 million Italians are either not vaccinated at all, or only incompletely because they did not receive the third or fourth dose, reports the president of the scientific foundation GIMBE, Nino Cartabellotta. 6.8 million Italians have not received a vaccine dose, about 2.8 million of whom cannot be vaccinated immediately because they have only recovered from the corona virus for less than 180 days, 8.23 ​​million Italians have not received a third suture.

20 million Italians insufficiently protected
The health ministry in Rome urged regions to restart the stagnating vaccination campaign. Nearly 20 million Italians are insufficiently protected by the vaccine, either because they have not gone through the entire vaccination cycle or because they have not received a dose at all. The health ministry complained that only a small percentage of Italians over the age of 80 and the immunocompromised came forward for the fourth injection.

The regions and autonomous provinces are asked to strengthen the information campaigns about the usefulness of additional vaccine doses. General practitioners and paediatricians should be given the opportunity to participate in the vaccination campaign. In addition, citizens should be actively invited to be vaccinated.

Source: Krone


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