Painfully suffocated – Oststeirer lured deer into a cruel death trap


An 83-year-old retiree placed wire snares in his Christmas tree culture, in which three deer painfully suffocated – “because they have caused me incredible damage”. On Tuesday, the East Styrian was sentenced to a fine and suspended prison sentence for animal cruelty.

“It shocks me how emotionless you are!” Judge Elisabeth Juschitz found clear words for an 83-year-old man from Eastern Styria, who had to answer for animal cruelty at the Graz Criminal Court on Tuesday. The pensioner had made a wire snare in his Christmas tree culture, in which three deer died of pain. Why? “Because they did me insane damage.”

Controversial issue of “beautiful” death
This was probably preceded by a long-standing dispute with the local hunting community. The suspect then had his belongings removed from the municipal hunting area. That he left a corridor open in the fenced Christmas tree culture to lure deer into the death trap made the judge shake his head.

“Do you think that’s a nice death for the animals?” – “Better than being torn by the wolf,” the pensioner tried to put things into perspective, adding that “common sense” telling you that the deer killed with a wire snare around the neck would meet a quick death.

‘We are far from remorseful’
The pensioner confesses, “but we are far from remorse,” said the judge. In addition to animal cruelty, the pensioner was also accused of interfering with foreign hunting rights. The judge sentenced the 83-year-old to a fine of 2,700 euros and six months probation plus three years of probation. “And if you ever do anything like that again, sit down, and at your tender age!”

Source: Krone


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