Protests to take place across the UK amid the cost of living crisis


There will be nationwide protests in the coming days over the subsistence crisis and the layoffs of 800 P&O workers. The People’s Assembly said it expected thousands of protesters to take to the streets on Saturday in British locations to highlight those experiencing “real hardship” due to a combination of fuel and food prices, inflation and low wages.

Unions have complained that Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s spring statement could do nothing to alleviate rising fuel taxes and rising inflation fears. The campaign group said raising the energy price cap on Friday would create an “impossible choice for many”: eat or warm up.

The Speaker of the People’s Assembly said: “People’s anger over the cost of living crisis is increasing rapidly, and our response is increasing day by day.” There will be a protest outside Downing Street in London on Saturday, with similar events in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Doncaster, Glasgow, Hanley, Hull, Ipswich, Luneper, Lancol, Preston, Redcar, Sheffield and Southampton.

Speaking at a rally in London, former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “With taxes on fuel, food and energy rising, the rising cost of living pushing millions of people into poverty, and the disgusting treatment of government. Demonstrations will take place across the country, And thousands of people will gather to demand a redistribution of wealth and power and decent wages for all, as well as justice for P&O workers.”

“What people are going through is unbearable,” said Laura Bidcock, the National Assembly’s general secretary, who spoke at the protest. No matter how patient we are in explaining that government inaction on rising energy and fuel costs and soaring food prices will exacerbate poverty, misery and hunger, it is at best indifferent and at worst the same.

“The truth is that they are so married to our economic system, and so comfortably one-sided, that even when markets visibly fail, they continue to function normally. We tell them about children dying of starvation and the government ignores them politically. Our anger and frustration must be directed towards them and regulated in a way You put pressure on them.

The Union of Railroads, Shipping and Transportation will hold a demonstration Friday on the issuance of the P&O at the Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port.

Source: Belfastlive


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