Police are looking for perpetrator – “Money, faster!”: Woman robs gas station


In Liezen (Styria), Upper Styria, dramatic scenes took place on Saturday evening: an unknown woman attacked a gas station on Gesäusestraße, threatened two employees and fled with an unknown amount of money.

The unknown woman, masked with a balaclava, entered the gas station on Gesäusestraße around 4 a.m. She threatened two female employees and demanded that they open the two cash drawers with the words “money” and “faster.” “One of the employees then placed the money in an unmarked plastic bag that she had brought with her. The robber then fled on foot towards the parking garage of a large furniture store,” the police said.

Saleswomen were shocked
The two saleswomen were not injured in the attack, but were shaken. The perpetrator was said to have been near the gas station for several hours and was observed in the vicinity of the Liezen bus station by a loudly talking witness more than 40 minutes after the attack.

The police published a description of the suspects on Saturday (see above).

Useful information for the newspaper service of the Styrian State Police on telephone number 059133-60-3333!

Source: Krone


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