Dentist Sayer – Many CDU members are ashamed of Merz


Many CDU members would be ashamed of their party leader Friedrich Merz, said vice-chairman Christian Bäumler. The CDU leader literally said about migrants on the Welt television station: “They go to the doctor and have their teeth replaced, and the German citizens next door don’t get any appointments.”

“Merz’s derailments are incompatible with the Christian view of humanity. Many CDU members are ashamed of their party chairman,” says vice-chairman Christian Bäumler (see video above). He is deputy federal chairman of the Christian Democratic Labor Union (CDA). Bäumler called on Merz to withdraw his statements or no longer run for chancellor.

Merz defended statements and criticized Scholz
Before Merz faced criticism from within his own ranks, he faced negative statements from the SPD, the Greens and the Left Party. The CDU leader defended his statements by saying that you should be able to say something critical about asylum policy. The Republic does not have to “get it” when someone points out that it is being overwhelmed. Former German President Joachim Gauck also recently warned of an impending loss of control over migration policy.

He turned to Chancellor Olaf Scholz and said: “If you do not want to do business before October 8 with your Minister of the Interior (Nancy Faeser/SPD), who is clearly overwhelmed, because there are state elections in Hesse and Bavaria that day, offer then to: “I would like to tell you that we will meet on the morning of October 9 with your Minister of the Interior or without your Minister of the Interior on the morning of October 9 and look for common solutions to quickly solve this problem in Germany to solve.”

Scholz: Tighten controls
After Scholz’s announcement of a pact with Germany, nothing happened. Meanwhile, Scholz said the number of refugees wanting to go to Germany is currently too high. “That is why we have long supported the protection of Europe’s external borders. And we continue additional border security measures with Austria; we have agreed on joint controls on their side with Switzerland and the Czech Republic.”

If an asylum application were rejected, those affected would have to leave Germany again. “We have to take care of that.” The Polish government must ensure that no more visas are sold and that refugees do not ‘wave on’ to Germany. Controls at the border with Poland have already been tightened.

Source: Krone


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