Only briefly owned – Burning Mercedes left a long trail of fire across A1


Spectacular use on the western autobahn at St. Georgen im Attergau in Upper Austria. A Mercedes the owners recently bought caught fire, leaving a long trail of fire. The driver (63) and his passenger could only watch as their car burned down.

When firefighters arrived, the car was already engulfed in flames. Spilled fuel was ignited and threatened to run into the sewers, burning. However, this was prevented by the fire service. Due to the enormous heat development, parts of an adjacent meadow were also set on fire. The fire was quickly extinguished using heavy respiratory protection and two nozzles.

All the passenger could say about the cause of the fire was: “We were made aware of the heavy smoke development from a motorist following. Then everything went very fast. When we stopped at the hard shoulder and got out, flames were already shooting out the back of the vehicle.”

A side note: the occupants had only owned the Mercedes for three weeks.

Source: Krone


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