Gruesome find – Germany: Dismembered man’s corpse in apartment


The tip sounded strange, but turned out to be a gruesome reality: police officers in Greifswald, northern Germany, found a dismembered body in an apartment in the Hanseatic city late Saturday evening. As police announced on Sunday, two men had immediately come forward and said they had been asked to help transport a murdered man. The body is in an apartment, disassembled into separate parts. There are photos.

Officers then drove to the specified apartment and found the bodies there. “There were a lot of loose parts,” reports a police spokeswoman. One of the two suspected perpetrators was immediately arrested, the other managed to escape, but reported himself on Sunday and was arrested without resistance in a public parking lot. As a precaution, special units of the State Criminal Investigation Department were called in for this.

The precise circumstances are still unclear
The police assume that the violence took place on Friday. The more precise circumstances and motives, as well as the question of the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim, are the subject of the investigations that have been launched. The suspects, aged 27 and 28, must be brought to trial.

According to the information, the two Germans are already known to the police for crimes of cruelty, including multiple bodily harm. It is suspected that the victim, like the two whistleblowers, belonged to the suspect’s circle of acquaintances. They were probably called because they owned a car intended to transport the body parts.

Source: Krone


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