Lots of Evidence – War Crimes: 10 percent of reported cases


War crimes trials are currently underway in Kiev. A 21-year-old Russian soldier recently admitted to shooting an unarmed civilian in Ukraine. As tragic as these cases are, they represent only about ten percent of all crimes committed in the war in Ukraine. The country’s deputy head of government reports a large number of unreported cases, such as rape.

Only a small fraction of the actions of Russian soldiers are reported. “We have found evidence of many crimes, including sexual ones, that often go unreported,” politician Olga Stefanischyna told the Italian daily La Repubblica. The crimes against the civilian population are a Russian tactic to break the morale of the Ukrainians.

silent crimes”
Centers would be set up to help the affected people. “We are investigating these silent crimes with the representatives of the European Union. We are building centers for the survivors, for those who have suffered torture and sexual crimes,” Stefanishyna said. As reported, even small children would be raped and the crimes filmed. In the coming months, people would learn more about these crimes.

The Ukrainian government accuses the Russian army of numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity. The International Criminal Court (ICC) is already investigating. The reported cases are currently being heard in courts in Kiev. One example is the 21-year-old soldier who allegedly killed an unarmed civilian in northern Ukraine in February. The murder victim would have witnessed his car theft before, as the young man has already confirmed. While prosecutors demand a life sentence, the defendant’s lawyer pleads for acquittal.

Separatist leader posthumously awarded
Suspected criminals are treated differently in Russia, at least in the case of separatist leader Arsen Pavlov, who was assassinated in 2016. Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded him the Order of Courage posthumously on Friday. Pavlov is said to have killed at least one prisoner of war in eastern Ukraine. He himself boasted to reporters that he had shot at least 15 imprisoned Ukrainian soldiers. He is said to have come to Donbass in 2014 to avoid being charged with car theft and drink driving. He died in a bomb attack two years later.

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