Minimum services of the Basque government for the public sector will strike on October 25, 2023


At least 30% of public transport will circulate and hospitals will operate as a public holiday, while outpatient clinics will operate as a Saturday. EITB only guarantees daily information services.

The Basque government has declared minimum services similar to those of previous strikes for the Public sector strike on October 25meaning at least 30% of the Public transportthe one in the hospitals The work will be done as a holiday and in primary care centers as a Saturday.

The Minister of Labor and Justice, Idoia Mendia, has signed a decree regulating these minimum services on the occasion of the strike called by the unions ELA, LAB, CCOO, ESK and other unionswith the exception of UGT and Interinok Taldea to protest against working conditions and quality of service. 150,000 public sector workers are called to strike.


In the case of the healthcarein the hospitals Medical discharges can be given and predetermined and non-delayable dialysis and oncological treatment processes will be maintained. The staff who are “strictly necessary” for the operation of the emergency services, kitchen, kitchen distribution and cleaning will work.

In primary care, work is carried out as on Saturdays and in the emergency department and PAC at 100%.


In the homes for the elderly and dependent peoplethe minimum service is set at 50% (with an additional 10% during meals) and the home help service will only provide services in the areas of meals, hygiene, assistance with getting up and going to bed and taking medication for patients at dependents of grades 2 and 3.


The employees of the emergency service SOS-Deiak 112 will also work 100%, while firefighters, road maintenance employees and traffic center employees will do this as if they were on holiday.


In the non-university education centres There must be two people to ensure access control and in the Consortium Haarreskolak, a person. In addition, to safeguard the protective function of these people, another person is added for each educational stage (pre-school education, primary education, ESO, baccalaureate and vocational training).

At the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU), there must be someone to perform this access control function both in the morning and in the afternoon.


At least 30% of public transport will circulate (trains, trams, cable cars and river transport)


On the Basque public radio-television, only daily news services are guaranteed at the usual hours.


Actions involving a predetermined deadline, precautionary measures and convened acts (court hearings, performances, etc.) the suspension of which could cause serious damage will be guaranteed. The penitentiary centers will work with the staff corresponding to a Saturday and the youth centers with a holiday Friday.

Source: EITB


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