BioNTech presented vaccination against cancer


The German company BioNTech is currently raising hopes with its cancer vaccine CARVac. Initial research results show that tumors can be stopped in their growth and sometimes even shrink. The first successes came after two of the four vaccination doses.

The majority of study participants (59 percent) had their tumors shrink by at least 30 percent. In addition, the tumor stopped growing after vaccination in almost all patients (95 percent). Just like the vaccine against Covid-19, the vaccination is based on mRNA technology. This means that a specific protein is introduced into the cell, allowing the body to repair it itself.

The new vaccine was developed by a team led by BioNTech founder Uğur Şahin (58) and founder Özlem Türeci (56). So far, 44 patients have received four doses. The success was particularly great after two doses; after four doses, the tumors shrank by at least 30 percent to just under half (45 percent). The cancer was stabilized in 74 percent of all patients.

Side effects still common
However, side effects were still observed in 23 of the 44 study participants. These include fever and low blood pressure. In two people the complaints lasted longer and in one case they were even life-threatening.

The new vaccine had previously been tested on mice. It is still unclear if and when the vaccine will be approved for use in humans. A new study will take place next year. In any case, the company is confident that it can treat up to 10,000 cancer patients by 2030.

Source: Krone


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