From the attic – puppy fell from balcony: master without punishment


He threw his own dog from the attic – that is the indictment of the Vienna Regional Court. The owner talks about a tragic accident while bathing his French bulldog. Even the court can no longer determine what happened to the little one…

“I heard four sounds: a roar, a squeak, a bang and the slamming of a balcony door,” a witness recalled at the Vienna Regional Court. What she learned on June 26 this year was the sad fate of a little French bulldog. He died after falling from the balcony.

Pup fell from attic and died
But the circumstances were anything but clear. Because the dog owner in particular behaved very strangely. The young woman, who had to listen to the incident two balconies below and saw the small animal fall out of the corner of her eye, reports: “He didn’t even bother to check if it was his dog” – the 37-year-old was unfazed by it waste that was brought down. The puppy was already lying motionless on the ground.

The Public Prosecution Service suspects that the Viennese man threw the French bulldog from the attic balcony and accuses him of animal abuse. The lawyer always speaks of an accident: “It is a tragedy for my client.” The man bathed the animal outside and when he took it out of the tub, it jumped over the railing. “He was like a child to me. He was very lively,” the 37-year-old himself explains.

He brought back his previous dog: “It wasn’t easy to take care of.”
The dog lived with the suspect in Floridsdorf for two months. And it wasn’t his first. A few months earlier, he also gave a French bulldog back to the breeder: “He wets in my bed. It wasn’t easy at all to take care of him.’ It was different with his second, whose death would hit him hard. Especially because: “He has received dozens of these letters” – his lawyer holds up an anonymous hate letter.

After a short trial, the judge comes to the conclusion: “It could be as the public prosecutor described it.” But the suspect’s version may also be correct. In case of doubt, an acquittal is not legally binding.

Source: Krone


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