Traveling without a mobile phone: missing hiker rescued in the dark in Tyrol


Traveling without a mobile phone: missing hiker rescued in the dark in Tyrol

Because a 79-year-old Tyrolean who had an accident while hiking on the mountain on Sunday did not have a mobile phone with him, he could not raise the alarm. Relatives found him in the evening and the called mountain rescue team eventually brought the man to the valley.

The senior left from Auffach in the Wildschönau towards Breiteggspitze (1886 meters). During the descent, the man fell on the hiking trail for unknown reasons and injured his foot. He couldn’t get any further.

Helicopter requested from Salzburg
Since he did not return home, his relatives raised the alarm that evening. At 8 p.m., the Auffach/Wildschönau mountain rescue team prepared for a search with 19 emergency services. The mountain rescue dog team was also alerted. Christoph Silberberger from Wildschönau, head of the Alpine Task Force of the police in the Kufstein district, requested the police helicopter in Salzburg, which was equipped with a thermal imaging camera.

Family discovered car near Alm
But in the meantime, the missing man’s relatives, who knew his destination in the mountains, had gone to Wildschönau. They discovered the 79-year-old’s car in the parking lot at the Schönangeralm and found the man a little later at an altitude of approximately 1,350 meters between the Breitegg and Schönangeralm. The planned search now turned into a nighttime rescue operation.

“We carried the man, who apparently had some injuries, with the mountain stretcher along the hiking trail to the Schönangeralm,” says a mountain rescuer. Specially trained emergency medical services – the so-called ‘Alpin Medics’ – cared for the victim during transport. At the Schönangeralm, the rescue team took over the 79-year-old and took him to the Kufstein Hospital. For the mountain rescuers it was “end of work” at 10 p.m.

Source: Krone


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