Resistance broken – After weeks of fighting: Azovstal factory “liberated”


Resistance broken – After weeks of fighting: Azovstal factory “liberated”

The Azovstal factory in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which has been fiercely fought over for weeks, was finally taken by Russian troops on Friday evening. The steel factory was considered the last bastion of the Ukrainian resistance in the strategically important port city. The Ukrainian leadership had previously ordered the withdrawal of all troops from Mariupol. Mariupol now appears to be completely under Russian control.

According to a media report, Russia announced the “complete liberation” of the plant in Mariupol in the evening. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow has announced this, reports RIA news agency. Accordingly, the last 531 defenders of the Azov regiment surrendered.

The information cannot be independently verified. However, the Kiev government had already ordered the end of the defense after only the steel plant could be detained.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian resistance in the port city – especially that of the alleged 2,500 resistance fighters in the steel factory – has greatly weakened Russian troops, according to a situation report from the British Ministry of Defense Friday morning.

Source: Krone


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