EU authorities were concerned: – Already 335 cases of salmonella with chicken meat


14 EU or EEA countries, the UK and the US are now affected by imported chicken meat, which is alleged to have caused salmonella diseases. As the EU health authority ECDC announced on Thursday, 335 cases linked to this outbreak have been reported from January to October this year, including Austria with 31 cases.

The cases – believed to involve three different microbiological clusters – were recorded in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Slovenia, as well as in Britain and the US.

Man from Carinthia died
Nine affected people in three countries were hospitalized. A man in Carinthia has died. According to the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES), investigations at the time showed there was a high likelihood of a link with chicken kebab skewers produced in Poland.

Traceability information showed that the salmonella-contaminated kebabs were distributed by several Polish food companies. The trade relationship points to one or more common sources of contamination in Austria, Denmark and Italy.

Other cases are possible
However, according to the EU health authority, further investigation is needed to determine the root cause of the contamination and the source of the infection, which is crucial for the rapid implementation of targeted, effective control and corrective measures. As the source of the infection has not yet been identified, it is likely that new cases will emerge in this ongoing multi-country outbreak, the ECDC said.

Source: Krone


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