Drugged – Four men fell victim to a serial killer


She promised men an exciting night of love, but they died after sex with an American woman (33). Rebecca Auborn is said to have at least four lives on her conscience; the victims were killed with an overdose and eventually robbed. The public prosecutor described the suspect as a “serial killer”.

The woman was arrested at the end of August and details of the crimes she is accused of have now been published. Auborn allegedly promised the men sex and then met them in hotels. After intercourse, she persuaded her ‘dates’ to bring drugs – she gave them the opioid in a lethal dose. She then robbed her victims undisturbed.

A man survived an encounter with a suspect
The suspect was tracked down after one of her victims survived an encounter with the woman in December 2022 – it could be the first person to drug and then rob the 33-year-old. The other men were less fortunate and died between January and June 2023.

Prosecutor warns: ‘Don’t buy sex in Ohio’
“Don’t buy sex in Ohio – it ruins lives and could cost you yours,” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost warned. He added: “To me, if there is someone who has committed a series of murders, separated in time, it is a serial killer.” Investigators suspect there may be more victims.

Now, similar overdose deaths are being investigated. Men who have had encounters with Auborn must report to the police – without fear of prosecution for prostitution crimes. “We are interested in holding a murderer accountable,” the attorney general said. “That is our focus.”

In addition to murder, Auborn is charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, tampering with evidence and enticing another person with drugs. She is the mother of at least one daughter, American media report.

Source: Krone


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