Rescue Required – Kiebitz got into trouble while “staring”.


From the lapwing to the reason for the operation – that was a short journey in Wels-Neustadt! Because a Welsh woman had put herself in danger or an unfortunate situation by ‘staring’ from the balcony.

A van caught fire near Flotzingerplatz and the flames spread to an adjacent building on Saturday morning. Highest priority for the Florinani disciples so that the fire cannot spread further.

The emergency services were quickly on site, the fire was quickly extinguished and a separate room was ventilated so that the smoke and stench were outside. In the meantime, the rescue team attended to the vehicle owner, but he did not need to be taken to hospital.

But after extinguishing the fire, the operation was not over yet! There was a woman in distress on the seventh floor of the neighboring house. She had locked herself out of the balcony while watching the operation. The helpers moved the turntable ladder into position and brought the Welsh woman down. Nothing happened to her, it was just a bit embarrassing.

Source: Krone


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